Angry Neighbor

Angry Neighbor is a spy/stealth game where you roam around the house and try to keep yourself hidden. Find door keys, explore the big map...

Angry Neighbor review

15 Aug 2020

Angry Neighbor is a spy/stealth game where you roam around the house and try to keep yourself hidden. Find door keys, explore the big map and have lots of fun. Your neighbor's house has some dark secrets to reveal.

Gameplay: Beware of the Neighbor 6/10

Get into the basement of your neighbor's house, but be careful. You need to collect different items to get into secured areas. If you can't escape from the neighbor, you will start the level all over again. If you play long enough, you will visit every room in the house. You will collect all keys and boxes and realize that there is no end.

There is a tile on the floor that looks like a way out, but you can't get in there. It would be great to be able to actually beat the game.

Graphics: Set the Atmosphere Perfectly 8/10

With Angry Neighbor, the developers could create pleasant visualizations by rendering in 3D. The game has features like collision detection, allowing you to interact with objects. The graphics set the atmosphere perfectly with unified lighting. When you play at night, the game can give you chills. However, when the neighbor catches you, your screen just turns black. This isn't scary at all. Still, it's a solid choice if you're into horror games.

Lasting Appeal: No Actual Purpose 5/10

It is fun exploring the map, and we have done this with the aim of discovering the neighbor's darkest secret. However, there is no purpose to the game. You will find a ladder behind the last door that leads to an empty room. With this said, the game can be scary, just not for long.

Controls: Virtual Joystick 5/10

The game has a virtual joystick in the bottom left, and it's dead simple to use. You just move your finger farther to make a movement. However, your finger covers up the character and obscures other important information. A larger device can help here, but it will produce problems on its own.


As a player, you arrive in a new area and settle in your new house. You notice that your neighbor isn't acting right and has something hidden in his basement. You become curious and want to know the neighbor's secret. However, you can't beat this game. You can navigate the house, but it seems all for nothing.

  • Graphics 8
  • Gameplay 6
  • Controls 5
  • Replay Value 5
Emily Irish Editor

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