Libby, by OverDrive

Libby is an app that helps you get started with reading digital books and magazines. With thousands of titles at your fingerprints, you'll always have...

Libby, by OverDrive review

15 Mar 2018

Libby is an app that helps you get started with reading digital books and magazines. With thousands of titles at your fingerprints, you'll always have something to read. All you need is your library card.

Interface: Re-Creates a Library 10/10

To find the book, just type its title or an author in a search box. If you want suggestions on what to read, check out the categories. You can borrow e-books and audiobooks, sync information between several phones and put titles on hold.

If your child is an early reader, you can get a book with a read-along feature. Tap on the Preference button to filter books by language, format and availability. This is where you can apply parental restrictions and limit the books children can find.

Features: Digital Shelves and Tags 8/10

Libby has many unique features:

  1. The Activity tab saves your reading history.
  2. Tap on a book to sample it.
  3. If you read a graphic novel, zoom in on important moments.
  4. Monitor your reading progress.
  5. Borrow and start reading immediately.
  6. Easy navigation between shelves and a catalog.
  7. Find books by using tags.
  8. Set preferences to browse titles you're interested in.

You can have 7 holds at the same time and select a check-out period. All content is free because you just borrow it from the library. There are no subscription plans or late fees. Besides, you will never receive a fine for a digital book.

Usability: Enjoyable Reading Experience 10/10

Libby allows you to read books anywhere, making it easy to borrow titles. All books are accessible for free without the hassle of going to the library. Families with children may find the app especially useful, since their kids will have lots of books to read regularly. The app is great for practicing reading skills.

Compatibility: For All Popular Platforms 7/10

You can use Libby on iOS, Android and Windows devices. It's also available for browsers. The developers recommend using either OverDrive or Libby because your books won't sync between the apps. Libby is a relatively new app that doesn't have some of the features of the classic app, but these may be added over time.


Libby allows you to borrow and read books from your library. The app has a user-friendly UI that makes it the best e-book reading app for young users. Launch Libby and follow the prompts to add your library card. This is a top-notch digital browsing experience.

  • Interface 10
  • Menu and Features 8
  • Usability 10
  • Any glitches? 7
Amy Morton Editor

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  • I got on a couple days ago and was reading my book, when I accidentally lost it and now I cannot get it back. I am satisfied with Libby but am having trouble reconnecting now.
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  • How do I get to the ordering books on line for my kindle?
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