Matchington Mansion: Match-3 Home Decor Adventure

Matchington Mansion is a game where you match colored cushions to clear the board and earn points. It's similar to Candy Crush, but with an...

Matchington Mansion: Match-3 Home Decor Adventure review

10 Sep 2020

Matchington Mansion is a game where you match colored cushions to clear the board and earn points. It's similar to Candy Crush, but with an interesting narrative framework and bizarre premise.

Gameplay: Blasty Levels 8/10

Matchington Mansion has lots of attractive, blasty levels with varied mechanics. For the match-3 game, there is less thinking involved. Challenging levels are also there, but you won't be seeing them in bulk. Puzzles here work as a palette cleaner and prepare you for blast levels. To gather as many cushions as possible, you will have to create explosions and chain reactions.

In-game characters have well-scripted personalities. Players can participate in short-term events and win boosters. Boosters help to beat challenging levels. You can also buy coins and extra moves for real money.

Graphics: Unlock Decorative Options 8/10

The main difference between Matchington Mansion and other match-3 games is that the first one uses a collection mechanic. You should participate in events and visit friend's accounts to unlock accessories and decoration items. However, fixing the mansion requires lots of resources. You need stars to clear the rooms and place new furniture.

Show off your creative side by decorating rooms, renovating buildings and discovering hidden items. The app looks and feels kid-friendly, and there are no inappropriate visuals.

Lasting Appeal: Hundreds of Hours of Gameplay 10/10

Matchington Mansion teleports you to new areas and lets you visit beautiful beaches, warm apartments and private islands. You regularly get rewards for participating in seasonal and weekly events. You don't have to beat sequences of levels to access a new area and start renovating it. Simple and peaceful puzzle solving works great.

Controls: Basic Touchscreen Gestures 10/10

If you're familiar with standard touchscreen gestures, you will quickly get the hang of Matchington Mansion. You clear levels by swiping left and right on the screen. Though controls never become much more than this, each level introduces a new gameplay mechanic to keep you entertained. There is a couple of custom gestures for added variety.


Matchington Mansion is a good game that keeps you playing and playing. It does many things better than other match-3 games. Levels increase in complexity as you continue, but they all can be solved without in-app purchases. We also love the twist of working on your mansion.

  • Graphics 8
  • Gameplay 8
  • Controls 10
  • Replay Value 10
Amy Morton Editor

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