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The Message Bible Android app is the quickest way to get you to the Bible, to read and study it. There are special tools that...

Message Bible review

01 Mar 2019

The Message Bible Android app is the quickest way to get you to the Bible, to read and study it. There are special tools that help to understand one of the most popular books in the world. Join 5 million users who already download the app to receive access to the Bible. Each week over 400 000 people use the app.

The app was made to provide access to the Bible no matter where you are, travelling, at the restaurant, in a subway. The hardcover version of Message Bible is too heavy to carry it everywhere, and does not contain a detailed explanation of the written text. The app offers you modern language paraphrasing.

Interface 10/10

The interface is simple and user-friendly.  You can select the navigation method for your convenience and pick the background of the text. Many users prefer to choose the black colored theme with white letters. While there are several options on the menu, they all are signed and were created to make it easier to reach the text and pick the page or chapter you wanted to read.

Menu and Features 10/10

There are numerous options in the app that will make your reading even more pleasant. You can take notes, by tapping on the pencil icon above the text. By taping the open book sign you can add bookmarks or go to them. There is an option that allows you to underline your favorite parts and color words in any color you want. You are able to Synchronize this app with your account on Facebook and other social media, pick the most beloved translation, and even use notes on margins.  If you still did not pick the best translation variant, you may use split screen mode and check two books at the time.

Usability 10/10

This application is very easy to install and navigate. It can be used with any Android system. There are versions for iOS devices as well. The history folder contains the last 50 read verses. You can send favorite parts of Bible by email, through Twitter, SMS, and Facebook. It is easy to learn how by following recommended steps in the menu.

Any Glitches? 6/10

There were few minor glitches with a license for users of Premium accounts, but developers fixed it. From time to time it can ask for an Internet connection, so you will need to restart the app. Audio reading of the text you chose read too slow or too fast sometimes, but you can fix it in the settings of the app.

Devices Compatibility

The app works on tablets and phones running on Android. It required Android 4.2 version and up. To download the app, you must have at least 19 M of empty space. It is compatible with social media pages.

Is it Any Good?

Message Bible is a nice app for everyone who considers himself/herself as a devoted Christian or just curious to study the Bible. It contains an explanation to the hardest parts and has Text to Speech options, which reads the Bible to you. This is a nice app to get familiar with the book.

  • Interface 10
  • Menu and Features 10
  • Usability 10
  • Any glitches? 6
Hilary Giorgi Editor

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