Police Detector (Speed Camera Radar)

An application Police Detector (Speed Camera Radar) helps you to avoid traffic police posts showing it on the map. Besides, it shows where the police...

Police Detector (Speed Camera Radar) review

27 Aug 2020

An application Police Detector (Speed Camera Radar) helps you to avoid traffic police posts showing it on the map. Besides, it shows where the police stations near you.

Interface: 7/10

The design of the Android version of Police Detector (Speed ​​Camera Radar) has a simple interface and a minimum of settings. When connecting for the first time, you must select one of the proposed countries, and the radar detector will load the database. The main application window is used only for configuring and adding/deleting data, while objects are tracked in the background without interfering with the work of other programs. 

Features: 8/10

In the menu "Object base", there is an item "Database download", by default the main application base is connected there. The loading of hazards and custom objects can be turned on / off separately. If the anti-radar mode is enabled, the application shows the speed limit on road sections near stationary traffic police posts and cameras such as the arrow and the road. 

Usability: 8/10

This application will replace the traditional radar detector for you since, in addition to custom labels, it displays the location of stationary cameras. Thus, with the help of our application, you can avoid traffic fines and minimize communication with traffic police officers. Decorations and metalized parts between the device and the windshield can significantly reduce the efficiency of the device. 

Compatibility: 7/10

This device will help to correctly place the radar detector in your car, which will reduce the risk of injury while driving, in the event of a sudden shutdown of the device due to a strong pull on the power cable. Also, it allows the device to perform its functions as efficiently as possible - to detect the presence of radar signals and video cameras fixing on your way. The radar detector must be installed strictly horizontally, in the direction of vehicle movement. 

Is a Police Detector (Speed Camera Radar) Worth Using? 

Police Detector is an interesting application with rich functionality and good technical implementation. Pleasant voice alerts, fine-tuning of all kinds of notifications, automation, clear object definition, and timely termination of notifications will pleasantly surprise you. The monophonic Bluetooth headset and the launch of the application for connecting power not via the USB port, which ensures full operation with the application for the maximum number of smartphones and tablets.

  • Interface 7
  • Menu and Features 8
  • Usability 8
  • Any glitches? 7
Hilary Giorgi Editor

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