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Telegram X is an application released in January 2018, that proved to be a quicker, simpler and less energy-consuming alternative of the Telegram we already...

Telegram X review

23 Aug 2020

Telegram X is an application released in January 2018, that proved to be a quicker, simpler and less energy-consuming alternative of the Telegram we already know. But should you download Telegram X?

Interface: Swipe Them All 10/10

The first thing you will notice in Telegram X is that here calls are separated from chats, which is more straightforward. Nonetheless, group voice calls are still not available. The X version sidebar has fewer options but has two new modes: bubble and night mode. Gorgeous night themes (set automatically or manually scheduled) make Telegram X look special. It’s hard to believe, but you can navigate the whole app by swiping: back to the previous window, swiping photos, replying to the message, etc.

Features: Chat Watching Video 10/10

Online bots will assist you in searching Wikipedia texts or YouTube and Instagram videos right from the message box. You can even watch those videos and keep texting. A convenient feature of previewing and sending pictures right away is a good addition to the app. By the way, Telegram X now allows sending uncompressed photos!

The animations of Telegram X look splendid and are easily opened by tapping the icon in the left part of the texting box. Surprisingly, GIFs are grouped vertically in Telegram X, and 50 of the last used are stored. Another fun option is doodling – either freely or using shapes, which allows you to customize your picture. 

Usability: Preview Chats and Send Large Files 10/10

In general, you will find this app user-friendly. In this Telegram X review, we cannot avoid mentioning that you can get a pop-up preview of the chat by pressing it for a couple of seconds. Amazingly, this application allows sending files of any size free of charge. And as for incoming files, they are grouped by their type. For two sim card holders, Telegram X allows having several accounts on one device.

Compatibility: Android Only 7/10

Due to certain reasons, Telegram X is only available on Android smartphones and tablets. iOS users may download Telegram instead. The management states that Telegram X for Apple devices was intended for testing the Swift programming language. As they completed this task, they deleted Telegram X from the App Store.

Give It a Try!

You will enjoy how quickly and smoothly Telegram X works with its new features and gorgeous design. Don’t let this innovative messenger pass you by and download Telegram X to stay up-to-date and benefit from its array of useful functions.

  • Interface 10
  • Menu and Features 10
  • Usability 10
  • Any glitches? 7
Emily Irish Editor

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