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Tik Tok is a Chinese application where members share brief video clips with around one billion of its other users. Download Tik Tok and immerse...

Tik Tok review

22 Aug 2020

Tik Tok is a Chinese application where members share brief video clips with around one billion of its other users. Download Tik Tok and immerse yourself into its youthful spirit!

Interface: Inspirational! 10/10

The home screen will show a “For You” newsfeed where you can start browsing the content using the “Discovery” button located below. Once you choose the accounts to follow, they will appear in the “Following” section. The “+” button allows you to start creating a new video, which is where your self-expression with Tik Tok begins. The “Inbox” button gathers the information of other users’ activity on your profile: browsing, following, liking, and commenting.

Features: Check the Sound 10/10

One of the most prominent features of Tik Tok is that you can immediately know the title of the audio you are watching and even use the original sound of other videos in your clips. Also, you can choose to view all the videos that use a certain music track, allowing you to see people dancing or goofing around with your favorite song as a soundtrack.

Many Tik Tok review articles point out another fascinating feature of Tik Tok – which is duet singing. Your friend’s video will be captured next to yours or inside it, and you both can lip-sync top chart songs for the public to see and receive their feedback.

Usability: Have Fun 10/10

Available in 75 languages, Tik Tok proposes a lot of modern tunes styles like rap, R&B, rap, DJ tracks, and pop. Also, you can have fun processing your video with the available instruments: make it play faster or slower, apply different stickers and filters, which will let you confidently accept the challenges of Tik Tok.

Compatibility: One Account for One Device 8/10

You can get Tik Tok on your iOS as well as Android device. However, if you want to have several Tik Tok accounts, you might not be able to switch between them on one smartphone or tablet. Otherwise, the app will mark you as a business account, which, nonetheless, is still free.  

Live Fast, Have Fun, and Download Tik Tok!

TikTok is extremely popular with teenagers as it helps to make themselves known while entertaining and amusing other members of this social network. So, if you want to express yourself in the short and artistic format of Tik Tok, you should definitely give this app a go.

  • Interface 10
  • Menu and Features 10
  • Usability 10
  • Any glitches? 8
Hilary Giorgi Editor

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