Toy Blast

Toy Blast is a free colorful puzzle game suitable for all ages. Developed by Peak Games, the game has won over the hearts of almost...

Toy Blast review

20 Aug 2020

Toy Blast is a free colorful puzzle game suitable for all ages. Developed by Peak Games, the game has won over the hearts of almost 3 million users with its simplicity and flamboyance.

Gameplay: Easily Understood and Fascinating 10/10

All the gameplay revolves around tapping the matching cubes (of at least two). There are 3500+ puzzles. The more you solve, the more Star Chests with rewards you get. Boosters will make it easier for you to win. Moreover, daily prizes from a spinning wheel are guaranteed. You can also compete by breaking other people’s records. Toy Blast has the leaderboard where the results of your rivals are displayed. Try to get to the top! There are many ways to show your determination, just take part in Star Tournament, Crown Rush, Treasure Hunt, and Daily Challenges!

Graphics: Add New Colors to Your Life 8/10

Childish, yet appealing characters will accompany you on your adventure. The multicolor game world is so cheerful that it will definitely brighten your mood. The cubes look like candies with different carved figures on them, and funny cartoon animals show up from level to level to catch your attention. However, recent graphics updates are not attractive to many users.

Lasting appeal: Don’t Get Lost 9/10

The play gets people with its competition mood. The simplicity and adorability play their huge role too. You can play this game on Android or iPhone while getting home by public transport or just diverting your mind from your daily routine. Be careful! Toy Blast can easily draw all your attention with its colored world.

Controls: Fingers in Use 10/10

Do you have a smartphone or a tablet? If so, use your fingers and destroy those blocks in one touch! You need to find two or more matching cubes. Even kids can do this. The game is harmless and doesn’t contain any inappropriate ads, so your kids are safe. Simple usage deserves 10/10.

Simplicity and Uniqueness Combined in One Game

To be honest, Toy Blast is a typical puzzle game. Nothing special, but there’s something fascinating in it. We believe the competition atmosphere has made a huge difference. The appealing graphics won’t let you leave. The blocks have different figures on them which allow the people with color-blindness to play Toy Blast. Just enjoy the game and have fun with your friends.

  • Graphics 8
  • Gameplay 10
  • Controls 10
  • Replay Value 9
Amy Morton Editor

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